It has been an exciting few days.
Monday morning I was ready early, I was pleased about that, it almost never happens on a Monday, I was also pleased with the car alarm remote which has been working for a week now after giving me a week of hell.
So lunch packed, all groomed I try to start the car and well nothing except for the starter tick ticking over. I phone the auto electrician and they actually have someone to send over with a new battery at 7:30am on a Monday morning and he did arrive immediately, I was really impressed. In a jiffy he had the new battery installed for me and I was on my way to work.
Perhaps the fact that the car battery was no longer working properly contributed to the problem I was having with the remotes.
Tuesday I get called in to the boss’s office. The boss is present and the financial manager and I am told to close the door and sit down. My heart was thumping and my mind was racing. The new credit controller working on the other branches is not coping and would I assist for a little extra money. Some of my data input duties will be given to another lady. No problem I say.
When I walked out of there I could jump for joy but I did not show it to anyone. This is the day that I have worked for, seven years at my previous job I knew that I could do this and that the accountant there was useless and lazy. Starting work at this company three months ago was a huge adjustment for me; stricter accounting, I had no real experience in accounting and the hours were so much longer. I am still hoping to learn even more and to improve on my career prospects.