With my recent computer woes there are a few things I am grateful for:
Dropbox – which is a fantastic free cloud storage service. I keep only a few very important documents in my dropbox because I read on a post a little while ago that if your dropbox is too big it slows your computer down. I am having a few issues with my memory and when I lost everything on my computer a week ago I was extremely concerned about the legal documents I store in my dropbox because I could not remember my password. I down loaded the software and was given an option to change my password which I was able to do and viola everything was accessible again. I know most people have tried dropbox but if you haven’t I will definitely give it a thumbs up.
Export Browser settings – if you are a creature of habit like me I would suggest you do this immediately. I hate starting with a blank browse without my favourite urls loaded. I think all browsers have this option. If you are using Internet Explorer goto File, Import and Export then export your browser settings to a file. Keep this file on your backup disc and import when you replace everything on your computer after a repair. It is worth the 2 minutes it takes to do this and it is so convenient later on. If you regularly add to your favourites I would suggest you do a new update every 6 months. The first time I lost everything on my computer after the Telkom line was struck by lightning I was unable to find a site which was one of my favourites. Over the years I have tried searching for it on the web without any luck and if I had done this before then I would not have this regret now. All your favourites folders and favourites bar will be saved but I noticed that feeds were not saved.
If you have a helpful tip to add please leave it in a comment.