A few years ago I bought a new cell phone and when I started using the simcard which came with it, I found that I often got messages from the DA (Democratic Party). I was extremely surprised the first time it happened because I am extremely stingy when it comes to handing out my cell phone number.
So often I get messages similar to this one “There will be no water in Stellenbosch on the 10th because of maintenance. This message is brought to you by the DA.”. So over the years, although it is quite annoying I keep on getting notifications from the DA about council affairs in Cape Town. I live in Johannesburg and have no interest really about council news that do not affect me.
I have wondered if I am perhaps subscribed to their messaging centre without being aware of it or if they randomly gained access to my number.
As I have mentioned only a few people have my cell number, but then again wherever you have accounts those people sell your information to telemarketers.
One thing I really hate is getting a phone call on my cell when I am at work. Firstly I cannot talk privately and secondly I prefer people to phone me on my cell only in extreme emergencies. So when it rings I get a little fright because I wonder what emergency could have happened.
Today the phone rings, I am a little busy at work because my officemate has gone into hospital and I am trying to do the work we both usually do. Four other people can hear every word I say and then the woman on the other end says to me in a very chirpy, energized voice. “Hi, I am calling you in beaUtiful Bloem from sunny Port Elizabeth, we have a special discounted holiday packages just for you …” .
By Bloem she was referring to Bloemfontein which is in the Free State Province and I actually live in the Gauteng province. At that point I jumped in and could take it no longer. I yelled at the top of my voice “I am not from Bloem, you are bothering me at work and I don’t know where you got my number from but please remove it from your system.” She replied “Ma’am you don’t have to be rude about it” – and I said “I am a rude person, take it or leave it”, that was when she abruptly ended the call.
I am very firm and to the point when people annoy me and I think it is rude of her to assume that I should make time for her sales pitch.