What do you think about the freshly pressed posts?
There are times when I feel that I do not have anything interesting to blog about and I find no new posts available from my blogging friends. It is then that I feel like exploring some other blogs. I have developed a dislike for freshly pressed posts because there are many average posts which land on this prestigious platform without truly qualifying for it. When I say that I mean the content is lacking in quality.
These posts usually have hundreds of comments on them already so commenting seems a futile chore.
So I worked out a search criteria on Google and I found a way to pick up newly published WordPress blogs. I found some blogs which really interested me and which were similar in content to mine. I was so please with myself. I left comments on 10 blogs which I thought belonged to people who would be ideal to exchange ideas with as their blogs appealed to me.
It is not that I am very selfish, but I think all of us would like a blogger to visit and explore our blogs after we have been on theirs the first time round. I think it is good blogging manners. The person does not have to `like’ anything, a little comment to show they have taken the time to look at your blog would suffice.
Out of the 10 blogs I visited one replied to the comment I left on her blog and only one of the bloggers took the time to visit my blog. Deeply disappointed with my experiment, I now say value your faithful blog visitors because some people do not have blogging etiquette.
UPDATE: I have added the google link I used to my blogroll if anyone wants to see if they can land on better blogs that I did. I want to add that the blogs I landed on had some photos on which I enjoyed. Some had good humour too. One person has now become a follower of mine – perhaps I am just impatient with the speed of the results. 🙂