I am the first person to admit that I am the worst possible person to take with when going to a mall. I dislike crowds, I get annoyed at unruly children and I abhor queuing and anyone who jumps a place in the queue is regarded as the enemy.
Last weekend I went with my mother to the mall soon I found a nice pair of shoes and told my mom to continue browsing while I stood in a short queue at the pay point to make my purchase.
In front of me was a young man and his partner and the fidgeting of the man bothered me because he kept on moving about and then an arm would suddenly come swinging out. I was not immediately aware of his limbs shooting out in all direction until his hand narrowly passed my nose. He had jerky movements and then he would grab his partner and kiss her and then release her and swing an arm or a leg while talking, then he would embrace her. It was irritating because we all stood in single file close to each other. Several times I had to duck or step out of line to avoid receiving a backhand.
This man is not spastic or suffering from any muscle deformity it is simply his mannerisms. Perhaps I am an odd character but in my opinion kissing in a queue is for exhibitionists and not a display of affection. Finally the 5 minutes which felt like 5 hours came to an end and it was my turn to be served.
When we had done our shopping we had to go down a flight of escalators to exit the mall. I had purchase hot food for lunch which was in a large square box and the bottom was scorchingly hot so I was carrying the box in front of me by only holding the side edges with the tips of my fingers.
My view ahead was slightly obstructed so when I reached the top step of the escalator and looked down it was too late to turn around and to my horror I realised that the escalator was not moving.
The steps of an escalator are much higher than normal steps so my immediate thought was; how is my mom going to make it down the deep steps without leaning on my arm. I half attempted a turn to look if she was doing ok, the position of my hand on the box changed and I scorched my palm on the bottom of the hot cardboard box I was carrying. Luckily I glimpsed she was doing ok and she was right behind me but I heard her mutter something under her breath.
She later explained that while she was making her way down the steps a child which was about 7 years old kept on pushing from behind trying to get past her leg. The mother only took the child’s hand when we reached the bottom two steps. It is sad to see that no one respects old people in SA anymore.