I find myself in an awkward situation, perhaps one of you lovely folks who take the time to read my blog can offer advice.
Several weeks ago I received phone calls from Johnny (our boss) after 7pm at night and it had upset me. The calls stopped when I ignored his call one night. The next morning Johnny came to me and said that he was upset that I ignored his call. I had to tell a little lie and I said that I had seen that there was a missed call on my phone but he had left no message so assumed he had found the information he required. He frowned and left.
Then my office mate (who is married) told me that the boss keeps on sending her text messages and they are clearly heading in a direction which does not involve work issues. She was extremely upset and desperate not to lose her job.
Last week Johnny had a death in the family and he left the country for a week to attend the funeral and assist in making arrangements. In that time I had peace and assumed that he had received the message loud and clear. My office mate sent him a text message explaining that she was a married woman and that her husband would not approve of the messages if he found them on her phone. Johnny told her they can remain friends.
I spoke to a long time employee and asked her if the boss made a habit of harassing female employees. Her reply was “he is a man after all, with a pr*ck and he will try his luck with every woman here”.
When Johnny returned I gave him a big smile and greeted him friendly. I always do that when someone buries a family member because I don’t like talking about funerals and I feel awkward when people start to cry.
The financial manager likes playing practical jokes on me and she said “GB has been crying all the time while you have been away”. I had hell after that, he came to my desk every 5 minutes for the following two days wanting to know exactly where I live (because I live very far from work), who lives with me, can I come in on Saturday so that we can spend time together and when I finally said no outright. He said “you will pay, I will get you back”.
He returned later on and embarrassed my office mate by mentioning that she had made a mistake and that he was not going to give her an increase on her salary because she had cost him money. I think it was an attack on her for not accepting his advances.
Anyone who really knows me will tell you that I am a `no nonsense’ type of person and I abhor the idea of sleeping your way to the top. Physically I do not find him attractive, he is shorter, smaller and much younger than me and he is recently married. It is not like he is looking for a partner it is pure casual sex that he is after and although I am a person who makes my feelings very well know and am not shy to offend someone who does not get the message, I still find myself in this awkward position and finding new employment is so difficult due to BEE regulations.