There is a very important reason why I am writing this post and that is that I would rather be blogging than doing the washing.
I read on a blog recently that the person found it annoying when people write about the weather. Well I mention the weather a lot and it was drizzling yesterday followed by an icy cold breeze. So let me describe to you the scene this morning.
I was up at 5am, it was, and still is grey and cold outside. There is so much washing waiting to be done that the laundry bin lid is now tilting to one side and will not close properly. Even if the forecast was not for more rain and even if the sun came bursting through the clouds now it still would not inspire me to start doing the washing.
There is talk that they want to give me a laptop so that I can work at home on Saturdays because my office mate made several errors and they want me to do a certain section on my own now. How does a 3G card setup work? Will the boss top it up?
I have never worked on a laptop has anyone got some advice for me? I want to give the impression that I know what I am doing .. ha ha .. πŸ˜‰