Those of you who visited my blog last week will know that I published the link to the photos of Kate Middleton’s topless photos. I did not in fact post any of the actual photos and yet if you read the comments you will see there were a couple of people who wanted to attack me.
It brought interesting results to my quiet little blog. I did not get any new followers and did not personally gain in any way by posting this link but the results are an interesting topic I would like to share with you.
It was already late when I posted the link and although my blog only averages no more than 30 views per day (when things are going really well). I finished the day on 200 views.
The following day it was a whopping 6753 views for that day. On the countries list you will see that those from the USA were truly interested, UK visitors went over and had a look and the South Africans were not very enthusiastic 😉
The following two days were slightly less but as you can see the results are remarkable. This, I think puts in prospective why photographers aspire to get these kind of photos the rewards financially could be great.