To me a strong person is someone who stands behind what they say, what they do and never feels like they have to explain themselves or apologise.
Kelsey Grammer walked out of an interview with Piers Morgan because he saw them preparing the photos prior to the beginning of the interview and noticed a photo of his ex wife. Suspecting that questions were lined up about his ex he walked out. Piers Morgan says it is unprofessional behaviour.
I say it is laying the ground rules and standing up for yourself and more people should take control of their lives and stop being ruled by others because they might fear rejection.
Prince Harry on the other hand (in my opinion) took the coward’s way out when he faced the Queen and Prince Charles and claimed that nagging premonitions of him dying in Afghanistan was responsible for him letting down his guard and partying regardless of the consequences.
If that is the case Prince Harry should say that he does not want to be in Afghanistan and admit that he enjoys being young and a little reckless.
An acquaintance of mine told me her husband wants her to phone his boss and tell him that she is too afraid to live alone in Johannesburg anymore and that her husband cannot work in the Cape Province for such long periods.
I laughed in her face and told her “that is a coward’s way of doing things”.
Her husband’s boss asked them to move to Johannesburg sothat her husband could oversee new projects here but when a foreman passed away unexpectedly in the Cape he was called back and has stood in ever since. A real man will tackle his boss and say “ listen this was not what we arranged, I moved my family because that is what your requested, find a foreman for your operations in the Cape and let me work in Johannesburg as agreed.”
Instead he told his boss his wife does not want to be alone and the boss replied well work short hours, go home early and earn less.