I do not believe in medical aids because one is never covered when you need to claim. So I have to pay cash for my operation.

My GP visit cost me R250, the initial sonar cost me R770 and the combined Gynae, sonar and pap smear was R1152, plus the blood test of R670.

R2842 down the drain and I am still stuck … let me explain.

The pleasant and helpful Bulgarian woman who did my sonar (continued from previous post) told me to get an excellent gynaecologist, unfortunately she did not know of one in this area.

I made an appointment with a gynae which is closest to me and went to see him today. He was recommended by my GP and although his bedside manner seemed ok, I was annoyed that he was not thorough enough. He did not want to read my doctors letter nor did he want to read the report that the Bulgarian woman had done. His explanation was that he does his own sonar. He put the sonar gadget down on a spot on the bottom of my stomach and then packed everything up. It was not comprehensive enough and without going into too much personal medical information he missed something which the Bulgarian woman had seen on her sonar.

After the quickie sonar he grabbed my handbag put it in my hand and shoved me back to his office and told me to get dressed and go. My envelope with all the sonar pics and my doctor’s letter still lay unopened on his desk and with disgust in his eyes he said and you can take that with you.

Don’t get me wrong I was polite and did not question him at all. He told me to go and get the blood test done and I did that. I was tense and forgot to mention to him that there was this added complication and while driving back home I realised that he had not picked up on that and I got home in a panic and phoned his rooms. They said that they do not take messages for him I must phone his cellphone after 2pm when he had completed his rounds. I phone at 2pm and then at 5pm no answer – nor did he return my calls. I phoned his rooms again and she said I must phone after 5:30pm when the last patients had left, which I did and then at 6pm again and then I realised I paid R1000 for a sonar which should have picked up this particular problem and why was I wasting money trying to contact someone who does not answer his cellphone.

Should I not be able to reach this doctor? What if it was after my operation and I needed assistance? I have now decided to make an appointment with another doctor who is at a hospital much further away from home. How would you decide in 10 minutes after meeting a gynae whether he is competent or not?