Politics is not something you will see a lot of on this blog but I am slightly annoyed.
Since the ANC took over the government they have gotten rid of most of the religious holidays. There was very little that we could do about it because we were told that not all South Africans are Christians and that they would be replaced with public holidays which applied to everyone. Some were indeed kept and given ridiculous names which very few people really know what the holiday is for except it is a day off work.
Now there is a proposal to get rid of all Christian holidays which means Good Friday and Christmas! The first round has been met with protests and petitions but we know that if the government wants to do this they will eventually find a way of doing it.
Onto a new topic now 🙂
I drew some money at the ATM and received my first Mandela Rands, I wanted to pay for some shopping later in the morning and the black African teller pulled her face and said “oh that money, I hate it” I smiled and not wanting to discuss politics in a supermarket I innocently asked “don’t you want to except my monopoly money?”
The new notes have Nelson Mandela’s face printed on the front and the animals which appear on the old notes are now on the reverse side of the Mandela notes. The most surprising thing to me is the vivid colour of the notes which make them look like play money and not real money.