I have been at my (new) job for 8 months and can hardly believe that I managed it. I remember after the 3rd month I had serious doubts and wanted to give up.
News that I was working a short distance from the company I previously worked at finally came out after about the fifth month. I think I did a fairly good job of keeping everything quiet until I was able to settle down.
The switchboard was damaged by workmen who were on the premises installing electronic equipment and I had to play receptionist and ended up taking calls from my previous colleagues. When I heard the anxiety in their voices, I was immediately taken back to how I felt this time last year, tense, hopeless and powerless.
The feeling of “you made the right choice” came over me. I enjoy what I am doing now and I do no miss the mind games.
Last year in Sept a new lady was hired (I mentioned this before) by my previous boss and she was the star of the show in his company. I had more experience in his company but was not considered for the position.
As with previous ladies who had come to work there I saw how the financial manager went through his usual routine of manipulating the woman. He had her buy his takeaway lunch when she went out during her lunch break to pick up her children from school. Her outfits became skimpier as time went by and one day I came into his office and she stood next to him at the desk and pressed her shoulder against his. She thought if she bought his lunch and was extra friendly he would never treat her with so much malice as he treated me. What she did not know was I was wise to his manipulation and he could not get me dismissed no matter how hard he tried.
I had not liked her since the day she walked in but I did feel sorry that she was being manipulated step by step as the previous women had been. The financial manager treats them like a queen and then turns against them. I saw this happen over and over.
When I resigned they were all very surprised and she said that she was sorry we would not be working together again, but I know she was excited to see what this change could bring for her.
As time went by the financial manager became bored with this game (he always does) and started treating her badly. She like all the women before her could not understand, they had such a good relationship and suddenly nothing she could do was right. This usually also is accompanied by scorn from the boss because the financial manager manipulates a situation in such a way that it looks like the woman is not doing her work properly. I caught him many times where he would disable software on my computer or alter settings to prevent me from doing my work. I learnt to find ways around this problem and also learnt a lot by solving the problems myself. Going to the boss always had a way of backfiring and was never a solution to the problem.
Last week a new lady was hired and the old one was in tears because she was told that she is nothing, she must not touch anything she must not do anything without permission. Shame, she thought she was special I know of 5 other women who have been manipulated in the same way. So glad I am out of there.
The financial manager is on leave this week, he is on a cruise liner heading for Mozambique … I bet I’m not the only one hoping they strike stormy seas 😉