Friday morning I got up early and went to the bank to continue the process of arranging payment for my operation. Once all that was done my brother rushed me back to the hospital for the CT scan. Although extremely expensive I decided to have a CT scan done as the doctor suggested so that the doctor can have an idea of what to expect.
I had to drink several glasses of iodine before going. The taste for those who have never experienced it was like drinking bitter liquorice flavoure iced tea. Horrible but bearable.
I made sure I wore clothing with no zips or metal buttons so I did not have to remove my clothing or wear a gown. They placed me on the long metal bench and via a drip pumped contrasting dyes into me for the scan.
I expected to feel claustrophobic. The aircon was on high and icy cold air was blowing down on me. I was feeling a little cold. I was instructed to lie down, I was covered with a cotton sheet, the drip was attached and then I lifted my arms above my head. A huge pillow was placed under my knees. I was then told to lie perfectly still and when the scan commenced I was instructed several times to hold my breath while the scan was taking place. Towards the end I was given the final contrast which she warned would cause a bad taste in the mouth and an urgent desire to urinate. WTF!
The motion of the iron bench moving up and down caused me to feel nauseous I was experiencing motion sickness. Then I felt an acid like burn which ran down the back of my throat. She said if I felt I had difficulty breathing that I must not panic and they would give medication for the bad reaction. There was intercom communication and all I had to do was talk to her or lift my arm if I felt I needed help. Suddenly I felt like I was having difficulty getting enough air into my lungs. I did not want to panic and embarrass myself and after a minute I felt better again. I was terrified that I might urinate so I braced myself and suddenly I experienced a painful burning sensation at another exit point of the body instead 😉
It soon passed and there were no accidents. I was then told to wait 8 minutes and then another scan session commenced and I could finally sit up. I felt a hundred years old. My arms were frozen, my back and legs were stiff I managed a groan and shoved myself up. The attendant gave a little giggle and I was not impressed.
When we finally arrived back home it was 2pm. I was exhausted and my brother was becoming nervous about spending so much time away from work. (I don’t blame him.) I did not think all this would take up so much time.
7am Monday morning I will be at the hospital and I hope to be back home by next Friday to visit all my online friends again 😀