Here are some things I learnt from my trip to the hospital.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME: have a pedicure because you will not be able to reach your feet for the next 2 weeks.

The day after I had my operation some complications arose and they had to take me into theatre and open me up again. I think this second anaesthetic caused some chest and breathing problems thus:


THE MOST USEFUL THING ANOTHER PATIENT OFFERED ME: throat lozenge (save my life in fact).

THE WORST THING: breathing in medical oxygen through a mask (Yuk!)

THE MOST INTRUSIVE EXPERIENCE: The sponge wash in bed and then they roll you over without warning and insert a suppository.

THE MOMENT I CHOKED: Never order the chicken.

DELICIOUS MOMENT: Eating tiramisu.

THE MOMENT I REALISED I LOVED MY FAMILY: When my brother arrived with a can of Coca Cola and I leaned over stretching stitches to the max and ripped it from his hands.

WTF MOMENT: You can go home BUT you must inject yourself daily in the stomach. (Failed that one)

MOST PAIN EXPERIENCED: Back part of my feet and ankles always making pressure contact with the bed and also placing my full weight on my ankles when moving.

INTERESTING: Some people show fear and panic more easily in public than I do.

HOT FASHION TIP: My sexy anti clotting stockings go well with my flip flops. (I know you don’t believe me πŸ˜‰ )


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