I am starting a series of posts on the bad guys of old America tv shows. You know the face but do you know the name?
We are seeing several re-runs of really old American tv series on our local tv stations. Some have stood the test of time, others have dated badly. The quality of some are surprisingly good after all these years whereas others have degraded sound tracks.
My favourite thing to do (especially if the story isn’t very good) is to try and remember the name of the actor who plays the bad guy. Take for instance the actor below did you ever know his name or have you forgotten it over the years?
monte markham
Monte Markham born June 21, 1935. In the 1980s, he played Clint Ogden in the prime-time serial Dallas (1981), Captain Don Thorpe in Baywatch and Mr. Parker in Melrose Place?
I hope you enjoyed this post and that you will look out for the other posts on bad guys which I plan to do.