In October I was very upset and my regular readers will remember when I asked “How can you tell a good gynae from a bad gynae?

Here are some observations that could help someone else who might be in the same position as I was.

When I arrived at the second gynae’s rooms I was asked if I had a letter from my GP this was already a good sign. I was shown to the gynae’s office and he introduced himself, he asked me why I had come to see him and then he looked at the sonar, report and letter I had brought with me. Then he asked if he could examine me. He looked me in the eyes and spoke sincerely to me. Explaining all the problems which lay ahead and what steps had to be taken.
I got dressed and we sat at his desk again and he asked me if I understood everything completely and my date for the operation was booked. He paused several times spoke clearly and slowly to make sure that I understood and gave me several opportunities to ask questions.
The gynae warned me that a CT scan was extremely expensive but advisable. Another encouraging sign. (The Bulgarian lady who did my first sonar had told me it is important to check your ovaries with a CT scan before going for a hysterectomy. She had said a good gynae will do a CT scan.) So I agreed to having a CT scan done.
I also explained to him that I have a special condition which I was concerned about and although he said he would arrange for a physician to look at me I could see that he was not familiar with my condition.
He got a very good physician who had knowledge of my condition and who saved my life when complications developed shortly after my operation.
So here is my check list.
A good gynae:
Listens carefully to everything you tell him or her.
Answers all your questions.
Has a look at the scans and letters you have with you.
Recommends a CT scan (even if you decline, it shows the doctor is thorough)
Doesn’t rush you.
Consults with other doctors if necessary.
If the forms you are given to complete do not contain the correct questions this will also give you a hint.
Contacts you or asks someone to contact you when you phone in with a query.
The first gynae I went to gave me a form to complete, it had the question on it, “Are you allergic to anything?” when he was asking me questions he also asked this question again but he never asked me “do you have any diseases or ailments?”
I could not get hold of him via phone and no one came back to me regarding my query. The first gynae rushed me out of his rooms, was rude and refused to look at the reports I had with me.
Thank you for reading.