Usually I work a lot during the December holidays. It is the time of the year usually set aside for large chores. Washing walls and curtains, cleaning light fitting, any jobs where I have to get onto a ladder or get myself really dirty is postponed for the annual holidays.
Yes, I hear you shouting but when do you rest? I was concerned about that seeing that I started working longer hours this year and I was feeling it big time.
When they told me I would have 6 weeks of rest (after my operation). I thought marvellous! Well it wasn’t all fun. The first three weeks my breathe was not strong enough to string three words together without getting a coughing fit – as an after effect from the anaesthetic.
As you all know I must keep active but I am not allowed to pick up anything heavy, stretch too much or even push a shopping trolley. So it was quite dull, when I lay down I was mostly uncomfortable and our 30°C temperatures did not make it easier. When I did fall asleep I wanted to sleep forever.
Over the past few years (especially since I started blogging) I have been watching less TV except for the occasional news broadcast. Because sitting upright was uncomfortable for me I started reclining and watching TV.
We stopped the pay channel (DSTV) a couple of years ago because of the many repeat broadcasts so I was stuck with local channels. (That grunt you just heard was from all the local South Africans reading this.)
Every channel advertises Insurance, the ads are at least 15 minutes long and have a monotonous narrator explaining that elderly men, pregnant women and successful black entrepreneurs can all benefit by taking out insurance. It takes 2 seconds to say that, right? No! They stretch it out and dramatise it and bore you to death before you can take out the insurance.
One channel concentrates on broadcasting wrestling, which does not appeal to me. So eventually when the Christmas themed movies ended the only thing left to watch were the soapies. The last time I watched soapies was about 15 years ago when I was jobless.
I got hooked on two local soapies 7de Laan and Isidingo. These two programs got me through the early evening and helped me forget how uncomfortable I felt.
Please see picture below. This is how English words are pronounced on our local news. You might need to know this if you ever come this way.
new english tv