After I returned back to work at the end of January I was introduced to a new salesman my boss had hired. It works out that this Indian man also worked for my previous boss (the skunk) for six months and did not get a permanent position so he asked my current boss for a job.
We have not had much contact since the introduction as he works in sales and I work in accounts. It is a good thing because he has a very arrogant manner about him, when he contacts me about a particular customer, he asks in such a manner, that he actually manages to tell me what to do which is very annoying.
Wednesday morning he enters the accounts building chirpy and jovial, greeting everyone like his their BFF. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that my face and mannerism say exactly what I feel and think – this usually warns people to keep clear.
He had a sheet of paper in his hand and as I looked up from my work, he changed his course in mid step and aimed for my office mate instead, he flung the piece of paper down on her desk and she felt obliged to hand over the money he was demanding for his son’s school raffle.
She joked, “People usually bring me money, not take it”.
“I only brought one list today” he said boastfully pushing he chest out as if he had attained a great achievement. “I’ll bring my other son’s list next week” he added as if he was doing us a favour.
She placed the money in his hands and asked him how old his sons are. He told her their ages and then said “My eldest said to me, Daddy I want to go to Sun City for my birthday”.
She asked him how much admittance fee cost and he told her. “Will you take them” she asked. “Yes, they enjoy it very much” he responded.
I was shocked, he did not squirm at the thought of wasting so much money at Sun City but he expected us to give him money for the school.
His courage had now returned and he confidently turned my way and handed me the paper. I said “I’m sorry I can’t”.
“Huh?!” he huffed -and I repeated what I said. He spun on his heel in disgust and went on to the next lady.
He hasn’t spoken a word to me again – which is how I like it.
I get irritated by people who support casinos and people who ask for money for their children when they squander money.