I am a loner with very few friends. I never want to be accused of being a false friend and I do not allow people too close to me because I have this fear of being stabbed in the back.
Last week, Lisa (a work colleague) was in her vehicle at a traffic light when she was hit from behind by a cement truck. The brakes had failed. Her little car, I am told by another colleague was in a very run down condition but it was her only option for transport. Now written off because the little Uno’s rear part was squashed right up to the back seats, yet luckily she came out of the accident with only a bruised elbow and very shaky legs.
I tried to speak to Lisa on the Monday morning after the accident but was unable to. Lisa lives very far from work and her career is definitely at risk if she does not find transport soon. She was in a desperate state and crying nonstop.
Martie and I share an office and we both started working at this company last year. We work well together and spend the whole day together at work. Martie had been away attending her son’s wedding and when she returned and I informed her that Lisa had been in an accident she immediately rushed to Lisa’s `aid’.
Martie offered Lisa the use of her car and promised that no request would be too big. I did not get involved, I was actually stuck with a work project and joined them during lunch break and realised what was happening. Lunch ended and we went back to our office.
Martie immediately cornered me and asked me “How can I give her my car, if anything happens to it – my husband will kill me”. I replied “You offered your car – Lisa did not demand it!” Martie ignored me and phone her husband, Martie nearly fell off her chair – she had planned to tell Lisa that she was willing to give her the car for a couple of weeks but that her husband objected. Surprisingly her husband said it was ok for Lisa to use the car.
Isn’t it ugly when people want to seem like hope givers but in fact they are just playing with you?
Twenty minutes before we were to go home that day Lisa phoned Martie and asked her whether everything was ok for her to use the car until she had gotten some money from the company which owns the cement truck.
Martie lied and said she had phone her insurance company and they said if Lisa were involved in an accident while using the vehicle the vehicle would not be covered by the insurance.
It might be true but she hadn’t spoken to the insurance company. Martie was looking for excuses to get out of her promise.
Lisa said that her partner of 5 years had told her that he was going fishing and she must get a lift to a shopping mall which is halfway between work and their home and she must ask random shoppers for a lift or take a taxi home from there. Lisa is not the kind of person that can afford taxi fares every day.
Martie ran to the factory and asked a youngster there if he was willing to give Lisa a lift home. He shuffled his feet and made excuses but Martie finally bullied him into agreeing. The following day we heard he had dropped Lisa off 3km from her home and she had to walk the dangerous stretch home alone. Shocking this woman weighs 45kg and would be an easy target for attack!
I work almost as far away from work as Lisa does but I live in the opposite direction, but there are several colleagues who live in that area who are turning a blind eye to her situation.