Gwyneth Paltrow, who recently  boasted she has the  derriere of a ’22-year-old stripper’ thanks to the celebrity trainer, showed off  her super-trim figure in a tight-fitting brick style bandage skirt as she  promoted her book on Tuesday.The “40-year-old star’s slender frame – honed after hours of Tracy Anderson led workouts”.

Criticised: Recipes from her culinary collection has been labelled too expensive for the average person. Earlier this month she released the literature, a health-conscious cookbook.

The actress may have been launching a book in Beverly Hills, California, but it looked more like it was an official unveiling of her amazing legs. 

Moving on to another appearance on the red carpet.

For even the most seasoned actresses, photocalls and red carpet events can prove nerve-wracking. But Gwyneth Paltrow was also given the task of having to put up with her comedic co-star Robert Downey Jr. at the Munich photocall for upcoming movie Iron Man 3.

Robert, who is renowned for his red carpet capers, arrived for the event wearing a customised pair of traditional German lederhosen.

It looks like Robert Downey Jr was not going to let Gwyneth Paltrow steal the show this time. 🙂