I have been working for my Chinese boss for 1 year now. If you watch Psy’s new music video it gives you a glimpse of what Asian men’s attitude towards women are. The men constantly flirt with the women but make out it is only practical jokes. Sometimes good fun, not to be taken too seriously but sometimes it goes too far and becomes harassement.

The video showed Psy, wearing his signature sunglasses, dancing at various locations in and around the capital Seoul including a high-end clothing store, restaurant and swimming pool.

The story line featured the obnoxious Gentleman singer teasing and playing practical jokes on women, such as pulling their chairs away as they were about to sit, before meeting his match.

The song contains more English lyrics than Gangnam Style in a clear nod to the singer’s newfound global audience.

“Let me tell you about myself. I’m such a charmer with guts, vigour and humour,” Psy sings in Korean before launching into the song’s English catch-line: “I’m a mother-father gentleman.”

“Gonna make you sweat. Gonna make you wet. You know who I am? Wet Psy!” he sings in English, calling himself a “party mafia.”

It was the video of Gangnam Style, and in particular Psy’s signature horse-riding dance, that pushed him to global stardom last year after it was posted on YouTube and turned into a viral sensation.

A satire on the luxury lifestyle of Seoul’s upscale Gangnam district, it has become the most-watched YouTube video of all time, registering more than 1.5 billion views since it debuted last July. http://www.scmp.com/news/asia/article/1214373/psy-unveils-hip-swinging-dance-music-video-new-song-gentleman