I haven’t posted in a while. Finally took the huge step (for me) and traded in my old car for a new Yaris. My old car was 22 years old and trying to get used to a car which has such a quiet running engine and such a light touch was quiet an adjustment for me and nerve wrecking too.
That spotless shiny paint makes you paranoid and every idiot on the road that comes within 2 metres of your car becomes the enemy.
I am a tall woman and one thing that I can say about the Yaris (2 door) is that I am happy with the interior space and leg room.
On my second weekend out I was waiting at the traffic light, in the subway when I noticed the car in front of me had no rear lights or bumper. Surely this car could not be roadworthy … I thought. The light finally changed to green and as we exited the subway, I felt confident that I was getting used to the new car and happy that I did not stall it or roll backwards, I realised that the scrap car in front of me was being towed, I immediately reduced my speed and a split second later I heard a metal bang. Momentarily I thought the towed car might have crashed into the car in front of it but when I passed I saw that their towing chain/rope had snapped. The thought that this could have happened in the subway and that scrap car could have rolled into my new car was SCARY!!! Perhaps the scrap car still had brakes but you can never know for sure.
The husband of Martie (my office colleague) was also inspired to buy a new vehicle and he went for one of these deals that you see advertised on car windows “drive a car for R499 or bakkie for R699”. The insurance company they were forced to take a policy out with has given her grief, the petrol gage of the bakkie isn’t accurate and the canopy of the bakkie doesn’t fit properly either. You have to drive 2000km a month for cash rewards and in my opinion you are a travelling advertisement board.
A while back I also posted about another colleague Lisa, her car was crushed by a cement truck. She wasn’t able to afford a new car and stayed away from work until the boss gave her a company van to drive.
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One of the reasons I haven’t posted here in a while is that my other blog (which is mainly fun cartoons is also now linked to a new facebook page). Please take a look when you have time.
Happy Mother’s Day for tomorrow.

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