Here are some timewaster online games. (I have tested these and they are safe links).

Keep in mind that not all of them are complete games nonetheless they are great fun if you want to pass some time.

xonix game

Xonix 3D is great fun, you are the black ball, aim is to fill as much area as possible by colouring in the empty spaces anthing that moves is the enemy. Red balls break walls. Red hearts are extra lives. Action is fast, use arrow keys. My only complaint is that there are only 10 levels. Click on image to try.



A medium skill Backgammon game. Love the graphics and easy on the eyes colour. The arrow shows where your possible moves are. Use your mouse, once you click on the disc and start dragging, arrows show you where to stop. Nice little feature. Great little game. Click on image to try.


If you love Jigsaw puzzles this one is a must. Loads smoothly and doesn’t seem to drain your internet reserves.

jigsaw puzzle game 1

The link opens up a page with image choices for your puzzle. The total of pieces are also listed. I prefer the jigsaw puzzles which are over 100 pieces the ones with less pieces are more suited for children.

jigsaw puzzle game 2

You can see how much I enjoy this game. One suggestion after clicking on the double arrow icon that gives you a full page view roll the center button of your mouse to make the pieces slightly smaller. I find this creates more moving space.

jigsaw puzzle game 3

jigsaw puzzle game 4

So much fun, I hope you enjoy this one too! New pictures available every day. Click on image to try. My only gripe is that the stark white background is very harsh on the eyes.


sheep tranquilizer

This one is not a game but a small test to measure your reaction time. Try it, click on image.


Not doppler

Don’t underestimate this colourless game. Pointer is addictive and the obstacles are difficult. Use your mouse to start at S and make your way towards E while dodging moving blocks and spinning fans. Mouse control is very important in this game and only a cool head and steady hand can win. Very sensitive and you are not allowed to touch the boundary line which is a bit annoying. If you start a new level you must move the mouse without touching any white lines otherwise it immediately gives the boundary warning. Several levels … I haven’t progressed to the end but with a lot of patience this could be fun. I recommend you play this game only if you have time, if you are short of time it will only irritate you. Worth a try, click on image.

bubble shooter

Warning: addictive. Bubble Shooter is available on many gaming sites and it seems to have only one level. Great fun. Use your mouse to shoot 3 or more of the same coloured balls making them disappear.



Lastly these two games are very similar. Reversi is super fast. But the white background is tiring on the eyes. I prefer Othello below, the colour works well and the game counter enables you see for example out of 10 games how many you won vs the computer. Click in empty box with your mouse and prevent the computer from getting the boxes on the outside edge. Click on images to try.




Enjoy and give me some feedback 🙂