I find that my hearing ability is fading a bit as the years go by, I suspect that the constant sharp ringing of office phones might have affected my hearing … well that is my explanation … most likely I am probably getting too old.

Some women think, that they have to whisper in a soft, petite, fragile little voice to impress you, when they phone in with a query. When on your end you have faxes and printers printing, clicking and pinging and colleagues talking.

There is a new trend which I find soooo annoying! A woman will phone in and state her name and company name. I will have a forklift outside, 4 meters away from me moving heavy metal cargo. So I might not get the company name correct the first time and I will then politely ask her to repeat the company name. Then the truck needs to move and as it reverses there is a loud BEEP, BEEP, BEEP signal at the moment I request her email address. Then when I ask her to repeat she will make out as if I am a total idiot and then switch to phonetic alphabet to spell the email address.

Now this really does make things much more difficult. Last week this happened again, the email address is EWWC@… BUT … when the lady said echo, I obviously asked oh are you phoning from Echo? “No!” she yelled at me …. Hmmm (count to ten and retry).

My request: Please do not use phonetic language when giving out your email address!
Thank You.