A few weeks ago I wrote about how I lost 10kgs in two months buy changing my diet.

I planned to do this follow-up post sooner but experienced problems with a faulty monitor.

 exercise jim

The last time I exercised was decades ago when I was still at school. I needed to shed kilograms urgently and so I started by using Google to search for warm-up exercises. It is important to do gentle exercises which feel right for you. If you are plagued by back problems or have a sports injury or a hernia there are certain exercises that you should NOT do.

In my case, I am (a middle aged) female and I have a hernia so sit-ups and jumping jacks were out. I was looking for exercises which are easy to do and that you could do without buying exercise equipment.  First of all I found that an exercise mat cost a half a day’s pay for a small mat which would have been useless for a tall woman like me. I got a cheap blanket and folded it lengthwise to create 3 layers to lie on.

A used the blanket 2 x a week when I did some floor exercises. The other exercises I did while the kettle is boiling, or while my computer was downloading  something, or while I was waiting for the washing machine to finish a cycle. The stiffness in my legs disappeared immediately and the swelling in my legs also went away the results were amazing considering that the exercises were not serious cardio workouts. Before you get bored and exit this post take a look at how easy some of the moves are. Even twisting like Chubby Chekker makes you lose weight in the right places. While sitting at a desk gentle pull in your stomach muscles hold for 20 seconds and slowly exhale and relax. Then do the same with your bum muscles. Now try some of these:


Squeeze your bum muscles while doing this. I like this move. Easy to do.


Try doing these exercises without weights and as you progress you can start using weights.








Here is a link for a video on some more exercises: http://bcove.me/1n27ap27

Here is a link of a slideshow of some more exercises: http://www.livestrong.com/slideshow/551492-2o-best-body-weight-exercises/