This time last year, I was in search of a competent gynecologist. The financial manager said that two weeks after my operation I will be able to drive a car with an automatic gearbox and I must then return to work. I replied by saying that it was the first time in my life that I needed surgery and there were many factors complicating my hysterectomy and that I was not going to make promises I could not keep. She hinted that I might be over dramatizing the whole thing.

After the operation I had a huge bruise the size of a saucer to the left of my belly button and my nether regions where the catheter and drainage pipe had been were very bruised and a dark navy blue colour. Although I did not have pain, making any kind of movement was uncomfortable and awkward.
I did not ask my doctor how long I was going to be off work, I had many other things to worry about because I had seen him only once on the Friday and he immediately booked me for the Monday so there was very little time to think about anything but to get organized.
Four days after the operation I left the hospital and was given a letter from the doctor. The doctor had booked me off for 7 weeks.
At first everyone including me thought it was too long, but I eventually realized that I needed all that time to recover, as I mentioned there were other complications due to a medical condition that I have.
I returned to work late in January and luckily slipped right back into the daily routine at work and did not have a problem with the boss. He has a reputation (being Chinese) of not allowing employees to take off work for extended periods.
Three months ago the financial manager and the boss had an argument and she cried a lot. He constantly flirts with all of us and it is very annoying at times.
I realize that she was having a nervous breakdown and she admitted that she and her husband had argued because the boss’s wife had contacted her husband and confronted her personally and accused them of having an affair.
Then she informed us that she had to go and have cancerous growths removed as well as have a hysterectomy. I have stood in for her while she has been away from work and she might have to go for Chemo therapy soon.
The bitch side of me has been tempted to ask her why she did not come back after two weeks …. Oh well … better let it go.
The boss phoned me after hours and I made it clear that if it is not an emergency he should not phone me. He is pestering me at work, keeps on asking when are we having supper together … wink wink …
This is a difficult situation for me, because if I report this, to the other director it will only make matters worse. I really enjoy working at this company, hoping I can dodge the obstacles.