Perhaps you don’t need this tip today or tomorrow but keep a note of it somewhere.

One morning unexpectedly they informed me at work that the computer I was using needed to be sent back to its owner. Really?!!! Long story short the company split and the computer stayed but the previous partner wants it back.

Ok, so Mr IT rushes out and gets me a new computer and Windows 8. Two days of installing and the activation key is rejected. Phoning the number or the box provided did not help. A person in India kept on saying “Please sir, phone your local help desk in South Africa because I cannot help you”

Mr IT phones a friend of a friend and finally speaks to someone who say Mr IT bought a upgrade to Windows 8 and not a new Windows 8 version (confused?). After a long explanation a new activation code was supplied.

Then my nightmare started and this is the reason for my post. Opening attachments, emails, documents and pictures was a hurdle navigating and exiting. Once an application was open I could not figure out how to exit and I could not rotate documents and had to turn my head to read emails and faxes.
If your Mr IT leaves you stranded do the following:
Goto Control Panel, Programs, Make a file type alwasys open in a specific program.
On the list click on extention .jpg and choose open with Windows Media Player continue doing this for video extentions etc. It will make life so much easier.
Now I don’t even notice that I am on Windows 8 where before a hated the whole setup.