Over the years I have often thought it weird when someone says they hate the rain. Well rain is wonderful until you have a leaky roof 😦
A property is an investment they always say, but it isn’t if you cannot maintain it yourself  😦
I have become allergic to rip-off repair men.
I went to the bank to get a home loan (on a single person’s income) and they granted enough for a flat and not a house 😦
On the work front it is also cloudy skies. The large corporation which has taken over our company will only be investing more money 2 Jan 2014 so the company now finds it has no ready cash. Half the staff are going on leave in 2 days and we do not have enough funds for salaries and bonuses 😦
We were instructed yesterday to phone customers and offer them a 5% discount for early payment 😦
I got some horrible retorts.
chair spins