I don’t see myself as an overly superstitious person. One thing that I have picked up from my mom, who is overly superstitious, is that if I do something a certain way, every day. I feel that if I did reverse the order of my movements that it might bring bad luck. Apart from that and the fact that listening to songs sung by Queen brings awful bad luck I am not superstitious at all.
Fifteen years ago I was innocent and scared. A Piet-my-vrou kept on calling from a distant tree it echoed over us. It was eerie and announced a drastic change in my life.
We could not foresee the drastic events that followed. My whole life changed after that (mostly for the good) but the road was stressful.
In a relatively short time everything in my life changed. My duties within the family changed and so did my relationship with family members and unexpectedly moving to a new town.
About two weeks ago the eerily familiar call of the Piet-my-vrou echoed over us from a distant tree bringing back fears from the past. I pray that he moves on and finds a mate soon and that he is not an omen of bad luck. If you want to read about birds and superstitions this is an interesting read although it does not mention the Piet-my-vrou http://hubpages.com/hub/birds-myths-superstitions-about-birds