For 5 weeks I had internet according to my service provider and Telkom. When evening arrived the internet signal became so weak that the Browser logo could not display never mind open any websites. In desperation I pleaded, I yelled and I threatened and all said the problem is either with my computer or the Telkom exchange. I explained I have a brand new version of Kaspersky Internet Security if only I could get a strong enough internet signal I could update it.
Every 3 days I reported the fault and a `technician’ was sent out and I would get a sms that the problem has been sorted out and if I have any other problems I should go to a certain website. The link is 3 lines long and I entered it into the browser at work and it did not work. The link was not correct. I left it for another week.
Finally I did a search for Telkom fault escalation form and came to this website http://www.telkom.co.za/emailcontact-residential/escalationform.htm I reported the fault Friday evening. Saturday morning the Telkom technician arrives and at the exchange he flipped a switch from no.1 area to no.2 area and viola my internet woes disappeared.
~ * ~ * ~
I think my restructuring and retrenchment meeting is tomorrow. Those who have had their turn say it is typical corporate attitude: cold, unfriendly and to the point. Some were told outright that no positions were available for them in the new merger and they are advised to accept the retrenchment package offered. The union is retaliating.
Last Thursday I went into the office of one of the directors (from the old management) we don’t like each other much and we are always in loggerheads because he makes deals with customers by supplying stock at extended terms and as credit controller this makes my life hell. He stopped me and took a sticky notepad and wrote in capital letters on it “YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR JOB” it took me by surprise because we have orders not to discuss this amongst ourselves. It was a very nice thing for him to do because I am concerned but imagine the worried state I would have been this whole weekend.
They can still tell me that the current business will be closed and I must go work at another branch … only time will tell what my future in the company will be. Very worrying indeed.
I think my financial manager who is going for chemo treatment every 3 weeks will be retrenched. This will create a major change in the way things are now. New staff new methods. I hope it will all be good and an opportunity to learn new things. They also want to change the accounting package to Pastel Evolution or SAP.