What I discovered when I did an online search on Gobetweenflames:
One website claimed “Gobetweenflames.wordpress.com it is ranked #10,458,153 in the world” … Really!?
Another asked “How did gobetweenflames.wordpress.com get a Trust Score of 80%?” … I am not familiar with this website so I did not venture there – I know that I post 100% safe content.
This image was pinned on Pinterest at least twice – here
http://www.pinterest.com/pin/173810866840611247/ and
and also shared by The Laughing Housewife http://thelaughinghousewife.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/joke-296/

This image was linked by Buzzfeed from my blog http://answeritsa.wordpress.com/

I also found that in 2012 someone had me on their WordPress blogroll but I don’t remember this blogger at all.
I learnt that using the url to link a photo to your blog is not a very good idea because websites move or delete their content and then the image becomes unloadable after a certain period. It is advisable to save the image to your library and to give credit to the source.
The image search was wonderful and if you are going to do a search on yourself you must do this it was like going down memory lane. Quite revealing it shows personal photos, my interests and my favourites.
search google
search on bing
search yahoo
Thank you for reading this post. I dare you to do a post similar to this one on yourself and link back here sothat I can learn more about you! 🙂