In February we had to sign a receipt of a letter. informing us that the corperate body taking over our small company, is considering restructuring and retrenchment. A month later they have completed discussions with the unions of the black workers and we were all summond for a meeting.
The corporation spokesman was the HR manager and he started out by saying “we thought we were getting a Ferari but we bought a Fiat thus retrenchment is unavoidable”. Basically we must come up with an alternative plan or retrenchments will go ahead. My brother who knows more about this than me says, it is so that if the unions object to the retrenchments, the corporate body can say we gave you an opportunity to supply alternate solutions.
Those on the short list have these options: “The minimum severance package payable to the employee is equal to one week’s salary or wage for every year of service the employee completed at the employer. The employee is first given the choice to accept a severance package and therefore to be retrenched voluntarily.” http://www.solidaritylegalservices.co.za/faqs/our-company-is-busy-with-retrenchments-what-can-i-expect-to-get-out/ 
They will return next Tuesday to hear what we suggest. Although they say they do not have anything in mind yet, you get the feeling that they already have a goal in mind. It might even be to close our company and merge the assets into the corporation.