The new HR manager, from the new corporate group arrived and asked if we have alternate suggestions to prevent retrenchments. We gathered there all of us from the admin and accounts departments. The store manger was also included. No one volunteered anything substantial.
Even the sun half heartedly shone through the sliding glass doors as if sensing our impending doom.
We requested to see him privately one on one. When my turn came I told him about how easy it was to remove stock from the premises. He thought I was joking and said “let us see if I can walk out with some stock”. We went into the factory and I showed him where to go and what to do. He took some metal items in his hand and we left through the heavy gate and walked past the security guard and he did not stop us.
We return to the office and carried on talking about stealing from the company. (Meanwhile, I found this out later). One of the reps had seen us and told the guard to find out what is going on. After a long story he called the store manager to intervene and said the man was with me and that is why he did not stop him. Which does not make sense really because I am not allowed to remove stock from the factory no matter if I am high up in the company or not.
The (now previous financial & HR manager) had her turn to speak to the HR manager from the corporation. (Those who read my blog regularly will remember that she is the one who has been going for chemo treatment for about 6 months.) She was told that her position is now obsolete and they are offering her a position as credit controller, debtors for the same salary as when she started at the company 5 years ago. She will lose her company car.
She has now decided to take voluntary retrenchment and rather see if she can get a position as financial manager closer to her home.
Although there is a corporate financial director and the HR manager some duties she performed I suspect they will expect me to do as I have done most of them while she has gone for her treatments. I just feel that on a long term basis it is going to be too much for me to handle.
My colleague who does one basic duty and who never does more that she has to, has now decided to send her cv out and try and find another position. That will leave me alone in debtors to do basic HR and petty cash plus my usual chores as credit controller and debt collector.
I admit that I have glanced at some jobs on offer websites and it was not encouraging.