Suddenly one morning the new corporate HR arrived and called in 2 sales representatives, 1 internal salesman and 1 repair technician and asked if they would be prepared to take voluntary retrenchments. They accepted and the one directory who had started half of this company about 7 years ago immediately got on the phone and begged associates in the industry to employ those who had lost their jobs. They were offered positions at double their current pay.
Martie my office mate has had a run of bad luck. She went to the new corporate financial director and announced that she had been offered a position at another company and was interested in taking voluntary retrenchment. They declined because she stated that she already had other employment if she had said nothing about the new offer she might have received a package too.
Martie, as I mentioned in previous posts had trouble locating Drive Car Sales. No one at the customer service centre could explain to her why their contract had been cancelled. They had an agreement that if they sent in photos monthly proving that they had travelled 2 000km a month then they would get R1 000 back on their installments. This was cancelled without warning or explanation.
After making about 50 phone calls she finally got someone to reveal their location at Solomon Mahlangu Drive and Bendeman Boulevard. One Saturday morning Martie and her husband went down and spoke to the customer service consultant. She found a lady who said she wished she could help them but she could not.
drive car sales bendeman blvd
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Eight months ago Martie was unhappy with her car insurance which they had forced her husband to accept into the agreement when he signed the contract for the bakkie. When Martie found that she could not get information on the insurance policy even after her husband signed a letter giving his permission that his wife have access to this information. She eventually cancelled the insurance and took out insurance with a company which she thought gave her better service. The problem seems to be that Drive Car Sales reckon Martie broke the agreement by not informing them that she had changed insurance companies.
The consultant said that Martie could write a letter pleading her case, but her experience in the past was that these requests are ignored and a wasted effort. Martie and her husband returned home deflated and removed the stickers from their bakkie advertising the terms and conditions.