A very long time ago when I was really short of money I wished that one day I could buy a whole tub of ice-cream, top it up with broken bits of chocolate cream filled cookies and poor thick sticky chocolate sauce over it.
Now that I can afford to buy it, I have “old people’s ailments”. Allergies and old age prevents me from having dairy products, fattening treats or sugar. No wonder most people my age look for comfort in booze.
If time travel were possible I would have bought myself that treat today and travelled back 20 years to give myself a delicious dessert. On the other hand I was so hungry then it would probably have made me ill for days because I might have eaten it all in 2 seconds.
You might wonder why I was so broke, well I left my job at a boring pharmacy because standing behind a counter all day was killing me. I was young and eager to go into computers and wham! BEE affirmative action was instituted and companies were not allowed to employ white people anymore. I did not have many friends and it took me 10 years before someone offered me a job again so did I vote today. No! When you are outnumbered voting is like drooling over ice-cream you can’t eat.
voting sa
I got an amusing sms from the ANC.
“ANC makes Gauteng a better place to work, live and play in.
” Really!? I thought it was much better before gangsters, dicing taxis and E-tolls spoilt it.
PS. Thanks for the public holiday.