I had one new email in my inbox. It was from Martie. She had moved to Knysna after the death of her husband 3 months ago. We had been coworkers for 2 years and we have exchanged a few emails trying to stay in contact. I clicked on the email and stared at the words … “promise you won’t tell anyone, I have exciting news, promise or I won’t share it with you!
I felt like I had no choice, held to ransom, I played along. “I promise not to tell anyone, now go ahead and tell me the news” I typed in. As I clicked on send, my mind wondered what news could this be, my mind drew a blank.
Attie is the same age as Martie and myself and we always joked and enjoyed working together. Martie left after the death of her husband and Attie and I see each other at work daily but it is just brief exchanges to do with work.
As I read her response I suddenly felt nauseas. “Attie came and visited me last week when he was on leave and we are interested in seeing more of each other, some people in the office suspect it and are teasing him about it, will you tease him and make him blush?
Seeing that I made a promise of silence I replied “no, I will say nothing”.
The following day I received another email from Martie “did you tease him today, what did he say?” I had not seen Attie all day and I avoided going to his section, the thought of them having a relationship was just too much info for me and made me feel queasy. Maybe I am too sensitive.
Two weeks went by and Friday morning I get another email, “I am meeting Attie at Warmbaths this weekend. He is great to talk to, he is very caring.
I feel ill. I am not sure if it is because it is so soon after the death of her husband, who died very suddenly from cancer, or whether it is the thought that Attie might be taking advantage of her vulnerability.
Saturday, I get a new email it is a photo of them at the swimming pool. I can see Attie’s bare shoulders in the photo … (I want to puke) just too much info.
Why do you think Martie is doing this to me? One reason I think, is that she wants me to tell all the women at work that Attie is seeing her and is no longer free, but she wants me to tell everyone it is a SECRET!