Ok, so now I am on leave.
 The first thing I must do is get my body
 and mind adjusted, feeling stupid when I
 wake up at 5am and it isn’t a work day.

I decided to treat my mom and myself with updated cell phones.
Knowing that she would blast me if I bought something too expensive I got us each a Samsung Pocket Neo touch screen phone. Well it backfired, perhaps I should have bought more expensive phones because the batteries do not last and I hate having a phone on charger all day especially when I don’t use the phone constantly.
My mom did not even switch her phone on and refused to answer it or send me any messages. So I took it back to the store and asked them to check the batteries. They insist I was running too many apps, I say no way. I charged the phone and put it down and 10 hours later the batter was flat. The phone was not in use at all.
They hesitated, waited a week to see if I was in a hurry to have the phones back before Christmas, and when I insisted they check the batteries they agreed to hand it in. I am still waiting. I am not sure if I will keep mine, the one I bought my mom I will probably take to Cash Crusaders or throw it in the back of a cupboard. The store does not give refunds on phones.
Sometimes she is so stubborn and negative and does not realise that when I am at work I worry if she does not answer her phone especially after she had the heart attack in May.
As if that was not bad enough I got a letter from the corporate director while the year end braai was held. Only 30% bonus and a possible performance bonus in the middle of 2015. I did the work of 3 people, trained new staff, survived two retrenchments and then I am rewarded with an insult. I did not stay for the stupid braai made inside a rusted old drum, I spared myself the stupid “next year will be better” year end blah blah speech.