South Africa

A video showing an attempted hijacking in Rubenstein Drive, Moreleta Park has emerged.

In the video, the criminals, posing as police officers, can be seen forcing the driver of a black BMW X5 and his passenger out of the vehicle.

The would-be hijackers were driving a white BMW.

A struggle ensued between the hijackers and the driver. They then try force the driver into the getaway car but he successfully breaks free and seeks help.


Last week, a video was posted on Youtube showing smash-and-grab on the corner of Cambridge and Witkoppen Roads in Sandton.

The video captures a man who seems to be casually begging, waving at different cars and walking past a white Land Rover.

When the car stops at the robot, the man reappears and seems to be begging at the car’s window again, before throwing an unidentifiable object at the window.

He then smashes through the window and puts half his body in the car in an attempt to get the driver’s belongings before making his escape into some bushes over a traffic barrier.

According to Craig Jennings, the man whose dashboard camera recorded the footage, the robber made away with the drivers’ cellphone and the broken glass had cut her arm.