29 May 2014 my mother was admitted to hospital. Medical staff said she had a heart attack. I took her to hospital because she was short of breath, her abdomen was swollen and her legs were retaining so much water that the skin burst. We did not know that she had a heart attack.
Two days later she was back home but it was a wake up call. I realized that she will not be with us for very much longer. Her life changed quite a bit. She gets out of breath easily and cannot do as much physical work as before. The doctor told me she has a leaking heart valve.
Often she says it is such a pity that I have to work because she wants to spend more time with me. When we are together, I find that she either criticizes everything I do or she finds something to complain about. I on the other hand, want our time together, to be pleasant because I fear that time is so short. She has always been there for me and I always want her to feel that she can rely on me.