A plan to score free booze …


What Clive Naidoo has taught us all


“So, he records this police officer, and when she notices, she gives back far better than she was getting. The whole (rather long) video plays out as if Naidoo is reading from the book of ways not to behave when a police officer is giving you a ticket. These kinds of things: 

•    Encourage the officer to hurry up, because you are clearly terribly important and have better things to do than sit around and wait for her to write up your ticket. 
•    Remind her that you pay her salary. That should encourage her to be suitably deferential. 
•    Deny you committed any wrongdoing in the first place. That’s sure to get you off. 
•    Record the actions of the police officer with your phone. She won’t find that at all antagonistic. Promise. “