We have lived in this house 15 years, can’t believe it is that long, seems like yesterday when we saw the house for the first time and decided this is the one.
Recently we decided to move. The main reasons:
  • the roof needs a little repair and each person we have hired has taken us for a ride.  
  • large tree branches extend over the house and we feel a professional tree feller is required for this job else the whole house will be destoyed
So instead of putting ourselves through the stress of trying to find honest people to do these jobs (which is almost impossible) we have decided to move to another house if we can find / like / afford another one.
The main reason for this post is, we want to down size on our hoarding and am trying to sell some stuff online, to make the move easier. What a time consuming task. Gumtree reponses are very few. The website for OLX has gone all funny and no one seems to use it any longer.
Buy & Sell pages on facebook have varying degrees of success. You find a lot of people (almost like an auction) who bid or out bid other people but never arrive to collect the purchase. This annoys me because not only do you sit and worry did you just invite a total stranger who could be a serial killer to your house and then an hour goes by and nothing they don’t call to cancel or arrive.
You have the option of sending items by post to the purchaser but if the item arrives broken at the destination you are named and shamed on facebook for being too stingy to buy bubble wrap for the parcel.
If anyone has tips or advice about selling household stuff please leave a comment – thank you.