Ok, so my saga with the corporation is coming to an end, perhaps someone might read this in the future and benefit by what I learnt.

  1. I kept my head down after the construction and impending retrenchment was announced.

  2. I did not listen to those who panicked and spread gossip.

  3. I immediately accepted that they would retrench and bring in their own people.

  4. Trust no-one because your biggest ally could now want to be in favour with the new corporate body and might target you thinking it could benefit them in some way.

  5. Make sure you can account for all your work because micromanagement is no joke.

  6. Make it clear to everyone that you do not gossip.

  7. Take your time and look for other employment.

Just an update Attie and Martie moved in together after I wrote my previous posts. He threatened twice to resign but he was offered more money and he is still working for the corporation. Although I like working with Attie I am a little annoyed because the corporation said they would not be held to ransom and would not give anyone increases yet Attie got an increase twice.

I have been working for basically the same pay for 3 years and feel let down and fed-up but I am not going to threaten or beg.

So to continue from my previous posts, Elvis (the financial director) resigned and did not set foot on the premises again. Everything went downhill fast after that.

The corporate management walked in, this was the first time I could see the faces of the despicable people who make choices on a whim which affect our lively hoods and our families and they do not care at all about the people.

The false friendly introductions were made, stale corporate humour carried on for an hour after closing time. I made the whole interaction as unpleasant as I could because I cannot hide it when I am annoyed and furious and I had been struggling with a flu for 3 months and did not have the patience to deal with them.

We were informed that LeAnn wouId take over as financial manager. A woman 10 years younger than me with slanted cat eyes stood quietly as we were introduced to her. A sudden hot flash came over me and I jumped up. I was wearing several layers of clothing and suddenly wished I could remove some clothing but I realized about 30 pairs of eyes were now focused on me. “Are you going somewhere marm”? the CEO asked. I shook my head and thought if I open my mouth now there will be trouble. I looked at LeAnn, I could not see her cat eyes anymore she seemed to have shrunk away from me but I could see her body. She was dressed like a hooker. The weather was nasty outside and she was wearing high boots and a mini skirt. I could see her bra through her white transparent blouse.

What about Bettie our current financial manager I asked and the CEO froze, “ ..uh you will be reporting to both LeAnn and Bettie”. He quickly changed the subject.

It was winter we had load shedding and a bakkie had an accident on the highway. It was 7pm when I finally arrived home. Then I had to get the gas bottle out so that we could make something warm to eat and drink.


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