The previous day I had met the corporate CEO, a short Indian man who really thinks a lot of himself. You can see he thinks he is the funniest speaker in any meeting.

LeAnn arrived with her consultant, who was an Indian man wearing the traditional white robes and sandals. Goulam I found out had to consult LeAnn because she was not very good with corporate financial matters.

I worked very hard, I put in extra hours and I was still running behind with my work. This was devastating to me because I have never ever before been behind with my work.

LeAnn wanted a meeting every morning, expecting updates from everyone and by the time I got out of the meeting half the morning was gone and my work kept on piling up. Micromanagement was taking up even more of my time. Several people had to approve and sign off the most simple of tasks. Depression set in and I started to panic.

LeAnn started targeting Bettie. She walked up to her one day and said “I want to see you” and walked away. Bettie stopped working and followed LeAnn into the office and LeAnn talked to her like some people talk to a stray dog “not now, I will call you when I am ready”. The constructive dismissal tactics were implemented making it unbearable for Bettie.

An auditing firm was called in to investigate irregularities. LeAnn one day went to Bettie told her to get out all the petty cash boxes and to bring all the cash, slips and recons. One auditor and LeAnn sat 5 hours interrogating Bettie. There was no problem with the petty cash it was actually over but they treated her like a criminal and when she asked if she could get some water they declined and held her locked up in the office like a prisoner.  A few days later Bettie submitted her resignation. When she had 5 days left, LeAnn walked up to her and said “I want that chair you are sitting on … push it to my office”, Bettie replied “I am still sitting on it, I still work here”.

They had awful screaming matches and both hated the other and tried to win allies amongst their colleagues. Bettie was supposed to hand over to her replacement but the corporate HR had not interviewed or hired anyone to take Bettie’s position.

Bettie was finally asked by LeAnn if she would work an extra week which she did but when it came for them to pay her for those extra days Goulam delayed payment without reason for two weeks.

Some of Bettie’s HR duties were given to another colleague of mine and I was to handle the petty cash and financial reports but both of us were told that we were not allowed to ask Bettie advice. Why ask Bettie to work an extra week if she was not allowed to show us how to continue with Bettie’s duties?