Continuing from my previous post. Bettie had prepared coffee and cookies for the biweekly 6am corporate meetings and had gone after work once a week to buy Goolam his special brand of bottled water that he preferred. When he arrived at the office he would demand his bottled water and a glass and Bettie would run around and serve him like a servant when there is a char/tea girl on the premises who could perform these duties. In the end Goolam was difficult about releasing her final pay and when she complained to him previously about LeAnn treating her unfairly he told her to go home and pray. (Mocking her Catholic religion). That is how cold these people are.

Bettie had left and not only was I struggling to keep up with my work they expected me to do several financial reports and I am not a qualified accountant. I was going through hell.

Deedee and I have both worked for the company for 4 years. She is creditors and I am debtors. LeAnn on her first day told Deedee that she was the only one that showed potential and brainwashed Deedee into helping her get rid of Bettie, they both had attacked her and made life difficult for her. When LeAnn complemented me or tried to rope me in as an ally I found ways to make snide remarks or showed her that I am not interested.

After Bettie left the company, LeAnn decided Deedee had served her perpose and it was time to get rid of her too.

Lettie was hired. We were told not to expect company bonuses at the end of Dec 2015 if the company did not make targets and we could not get air conditioning because they claimed we could not afford it but the recruitment agency for Lettie cost R35 000.

Lettie, a tall thin woman, with a strong jaw line, proved to be a dangerous jackal. She would check Deedee’s work and then report to LeAnn regarding the backlog or errors and finally Deedee was ready to have a breakdown.

Deedee disappeared for a month and then returned to work with a letter stating that she had been in a psychiatric hospital after she had a nervous breakdown. She placed the blame on LeAnn. The corporate HR were called in and Deedee they decided would be transferred to the corporate head office and Lettie would do creditors in future.

When I went into LeAnn’s office she could not hide her joy and said, “I got rid of her … yippee … I did it for you, aren’t you glad”? We had worked for the same company for 4 years our paths seldom crossed and she was no threat to me. I could not believe how LeAnn was trying to brainwash me but she could not figure out how to get an angle on me because I gave nothing away. She wanted to know where I wanted to see myself in the company – that type of thing and I refused to confide in her or allow her to influence me.

After that LeAnn decided Lettie must target me and LeAnn and I saw very little of each other after that day.