I was polite and worked well with Lettie. I did not gossip or give her anything that she could report to Leann and I hope they were bitterly disappointed. If she needed paperwork or info I jumped and provided everything with a smile.

LeAnn one day told me that after that first day, when I met the CEO, he told them in the car, back to the corporate head office, that I was going to be a very difficult person. She said she was so impressed about how much she could rely on me and how hard I was working. It was true that I was really working long hard hours but reliable sources had informed me that they were merging us with the corporate head office and vacating the current premises.  They have already done this with the other branches throughout South Africa and the staff have told me how unpleasant the conditions are. You join a team which is already fully staffed, you are the outsider and treated as such. Our stock must be kept separate from their stock and the cramped conditions were mostly filthy and unpleasant.

Lettie complimented my work several times and I think she meant it but I don’t doubt that she was looking for things to report to LeAnn. There was nothing. The cash balanced and I worked after hours because LeAnn and Goulam was making sure I made no progress during the day.

There was only one hassle – one of the financial reports had me stumped and no one could help me.

I got a break. There was a break in at the office. They had reduced the security guard patrols to cut costs and one Sunday (either the alarm was not set or the thief disconnected the alarm) but either way the thief or thieves had several uninterrupted hours to loot all the company computers about 30, plus surveillance equipment.

The figures of my report were lost and I used this to full extent to buy me time. I was not allowed to ask the person at head office to assist me to compile his report because they did not want him to see all the actual figures. I was just instructed to make it happen.

I want to change the subject a little to explain about Johnny. I met Johnny for the first time in March 2012 when I applied for this job. Although a very likable Chinese man he has one annoying tendency to hit on all women. He liked purchasing cars on a whim and spending large amounts. He also used company money to buy properties, boats, cars etc. Funds were also siphoned off into Chinese bank accounts. When the company got into financial trouble he signed the deal with the corporation heads and agreed that they would control 51% of his company in exchange they would pour money into the company and build it up and once it was financially stable again he would have an opportunity to buy the shares back again.

This did not happen, once the corporation moved in they investigated Johnny and got rid of him dragging him to court with all sorts of proceedings but none they could actually stick on him because he is actually quite a slippery fellow.

When Deedee and I were sure that our time had come for the corporation to get rid of us she contacted Johnny to see if he would hire her but he said he did not have a position available.

I also threw a hint but it seemed that it fell on deaf ears and I was quite disappointed that he had head hunted several staff for his opposition company but I had not been contacted.

After the break-in I got a text message “Hi, it is me  “

I was rushing madly around, people wanted 10 things simultaneously from me and I felt vulnerable without the aid of my computer.

I had placed some items for sale online and thought someone was playing the fool with me so I picked up the phone and was about to send a text something like “bugger off you childish %*&%” when I was called to one of those stupid corporate meetings. When I returned to my desk my cell phone rang “Hi, it is me” the man repeated. I hesitated I did not recognize the number and then he said “ it’s meee!” and I suddenly recognized the Chinese accent. “Are you ready to leave the company?” he asked. “YES!” I replied.