A year ago we decided that it was time to move to a new house. To be honest our house was starting to show signs of neglect. We had made feeble attempts at hiring people to waterproof the roof and to clean the gutters. It was a losing battle for two reasons.
One the large trees which grown on the public sidewalk produce pollen in Spring, seeds in Summer and the leaves fall in Autumn and in winter tiny twigs break off in the wind and most of them end up in the gutters. 
The second reason is people who advertise services or neighbours who say they can clean up or paint, take your money and do not do the job or do not do the job right.
Chop down the trees you might say to me, a lot of people in this area do but I am afraid of getting a fine and when I wrote a letter and waited six months for the Parks Department to send out a crew they sent out two guys. One stood on the other side of the road gazing at nothing in particular while the other one used a chainsaw to chop branches in huge pieces which came down with a crashing sound and pulverized the fence post. I think they thought no one was home so I darted outside and asked them “what now?”, oh they will carry on like that and fix everything on Monday they told me. “You mean smash the whole length of the brick fence?” Yes, that is what they meant so I sent them away and emailed the lady at the Parks Department, she did not reply, it was hectic at work and I really did not feel like an argument so eventually I just left it and the trees just got bigger and bigger and now the branches hang over the house.
parks dept South Africa useless
So after we decided it was time to move I had a look at the finances and decided we need a year to prepare for this venture. When the things got worse at my work I decided in Oct to change jobs and for me it has been a hectic period because changing jobs and deciding to sell our house all at the same time is very risky.
In December we contacted an estate agent and he came over, took some photos and placed our house online for sale.
The second viewing was to a lady who works for the Correctional Services. Her bond was immediately approved and although our jealous neighbour had said that “December is the wrong time of the year to put your house on sale”, it sold within a month after coming onto the market. While the agent was outside with her negotiating the selling price, our other neighbour on the other side ran to her and told her his house is bigger and he got it for less trying to spoil our offer. So beware when you sell it turns your neighbours nasty!
I wanted to show the house while I was on leave because knowing I was starting a new job in January I did not want to ask for days off.
Yippee our house sold happy dance animated gif photo: Silly dance dance.gif
I was quite excited to start looking for a new house and our agent said to me that I was too hasty and that we had two months before we need to be out of the house.
At first there were very few houses on the market because most people were still on holiday. It was only mid January when our options got better. We viewed 20 houses in two months. Here are some of them:
HOUSE AUSTRAL 1-tileThis garden was magical, we arrived after 6pm the light was fading 4 huge fir trees on the sidewalk and several other large trees in the front garden. The owner had passed away and the ground cover under the trees had dried up and died due to the drought. It looked magical, a place fairies would dwell. It was not depressing at all. It was like when you are a kid and you read a book about someone experiencing a wooded area, the crunch of your footsteps on the stone path, the birds in the trees, the gentle breeze …. The large house was disappointing inside and the driveway was too narrow for modern cars but if I was a writer this would have been my choice. Lovely! 
HOUSE CASS NO BACK YARD 2-tileThis house was too small, a sleeper couch total fills the third bedroom. A passage going around the house which they called the back garden was home to 3 vicious dogs so we could not actually see it. The best part was the spacious double garage with the washing machine.
We met an Indian lady, who really tried very hard to find us a place but she did not fair very well.
She took us to this house (above) the parents rent from a friend who is selling. The little girl loves her trampoline but unfortunately she thinks she can jump into the jacuzzi and bath the same way as she jumps on her trampoline. So the tenants promised that the damage to both would be repaired before the sale goes through.
The pool was a shocker they promised to have it filled by the time the sale went through but it was only filled about a quarter of the way with building material and plastic CocaCola bottles. Yuk!
We had two months and with the bickering between them and the owner about who was going to pay what it would take months to sort out so we passed on this one.
Thank you for reading I will do some more posts later.