Continued from my previous post.


We rejected the small house with the empty CocaCola bottles in the half filled up pool. The online photo shows the beautiful main bedroom’s en-suit bathroom with the pillar strategically angled so that you cannot see the big hole in it.


Some of the things people do to their homes are simply unexplainable.


This house (above) came quite close to what we were looking for. Burglar bars on every window, double garage & outside laundry. But the fitted kitchen made it impossible for us to have our large refrigerator in the kitchen. The ice-cream colours of the dining room would have to go but the main reason why we did not take it was that they had painted over the wall tiles in the second bathroom and it was coming off in places. All the toilet seats in the house were broken and they would also have to be replaced. It was a neat home. While we were outside the neighbours had a loud disagreement and it was early on a Sunday morning, that really was the deciding factor.


If you like old buildings this house will steal your heart. Large bedrooms with beautiful original wooden floors, bay windows lovely laundry, pressed ceilings. I really wanted this one. The backyard was a big disappointment a narrow strip all cemented no place for the dog to get a little shade or protection. This eyesore (top right) was some kind of neglected water feature with it’s pump room. Opposite this lovely house is a sports stadium used by local schools. On the outer edge there are a few trees between this house and the stadium and although it was a Sunday several street bums were lying under the trees sleeping. We felt it was too unsafe an area and passed on this one too.

Thank you for reading I will post some more later on.