Continued from my previous posts.
We tried to view as many properties as possible because we were trying to find something that would suit our needs.
This one did not score very high. Strange windows and skylights in bedrooms and bathrooms. Mould and damp rising at the bottom of bedroom walls. Neat little back garden but me being such a huge woman I got stuck in the back doorway and almost knocked the whole metal frame out with my knee when I stepped down the steep step.

Then I saw a neat little dolls house for sale. I had an idea it would be too small for our needs, but we went to view it anyway.
HOUSE IND 1-tile
The front door entrance was too tiny for our furniture to go through and the whole house was cramped and tatty. 😦 The asking price was a bigger shocker. Pass …
The following house on the list was and still is available and I watched it’s price go down and down and then I thought well, we’ll chop down the palm tree in front of the garages and it will be ok. I contacted the agent, which was a very rude man who gave me the address and asked if we would be willing to view with another couple because he was quite busy on a Saturday. We said it would be ok. I went online and noticed that the front gate entrance to a large school was directly opposite the house. I drove past it everyday and had not noticed it, but I had often struggled to get past the children and traffic on my way home.
It was too late, I could not cancel, thought well lets go and have a look, how bad can it be. Very, very bad indeed. If you look at the photo on the right. On the left hand side is the front door and on the right hand side is your kitchen. That means that when someone enters your home the first thing they see is your kitchen sink.
It looked like it had been rented out because the house was in a terrible state. The kitchen cabinet doors were filthy and lay on the floor. The hinges were gone.
When we arrived the agent introduce himself and immediately passed us on to his wife. Five other couples had already viewed the house with them and were waiting to move on to the next house, they were all waiting for us to finish. We ran through the house with his wife, jumped back in the car and followed all the cars to the next house. It was a shabby tin roof house close to the dam (foul smelling, public dump). We refused to go in and I said to him you agreed to show us another house not this one, then he admitted the other house I wanted to view had already sold. We left and made it clear in our attitude that we do not appreciate being treated like a heard of cattle.
The young estate agent who had shown the house with the wooded garden to us contacted me and said he had a property for us to view. It was quite far for me to travel from work but I had said if the house is right for us I would be prepared to travel. We met him at his office and followed him to the house and found that it was right next to a cafe. We entered the house and nine people were inside. He proudly showed us the neat bathrooms and said look the main bathroom is newly renovated. We stepped inside, very nice, all shiny and new, we turned to exit and looked smack bang at a massive discoloured pink panty. When we left we said “sorry we don’t want a house next to a cafe”. Two weeks later when the shy estate agent showed us another property he walked outside and said “what do you think?” and I couldn’t resist and said it was better than the pink panty house. Poor fellow his face and ears turned bright red and he looked down and shuffled his feet and said, “I really regret that I took you to a place like that”. We all burst out laughing.