We are in our third month at the new house. Thursday was a public holiday and my boss kindly gave us Friday off as well.

We tackled the last of the boxes and unpacked them. We have officially unpacked everything! 

Here are some of the plants already in the garden.

This is called a paddle plant,  it is a succulent, the more sun it gets the redder the edges of the leaves become, the more shade it gets the more blue green the leaves will be in colour.

paddle plant


There are hundreds of desert rose succulents and unfortunately there is so much of it that we actually want to rip them all out.

desert rose path


This border with it’s low growing plants is close to the house and I wish we could change it. I guess it is because the plants were chosen by the previous owners and not our own choice. Also I like flowers, lots of them. Years ago I was interested in succulents but not so much anymore. The garden is extremely hot and dry so they are a wise choice but not what I want.

These beautiful flowers come from a very dull looking plant. I like them because they brighten the garden with the early morning dew still on them. If you know the name of the plant in the photo below please let me know in the comment section.

little bells 3


These (I think they are seed pods) have peeked my interest. When we moved in they were totally green in colour and have now turned bright red. They are very firm and have a smooth surface like a bell pepper.

red bell fruit april 2016

PLEASE, if you know what this plant is I really would like to know.

red bell fruit june 2016

EDITED** I found it. It is called a “Christmas Bell Chili Pepper” and it tastes quite nice, but is very hot.

Have a good weekend. 🙂