I promised myself that when we are settled in our new home (we have been her 4 months) that I would buy us a braai. I get extremely hungry and when the meal is in front of me I don’t want it. I am so bored and sick and tired of eating the same thing over and over. I don’t do the cooking and the person cooking for me is not getting the message when I say “we need a change”.

I am not ungrateful, I just need variety. So I have decided, what I really yearn for is a nice piece of chicken or lamb chop that has been done on a braai (barbeque).

My dilemma is price. The gas braais are so expensive if I buy one that isn’t practical it will be a serious financial blunder. Perhaps I should get a charcoal braai cheaper but everyone talks about you get cancer from charcoal braais.

Has anyone got advice for me? I was looking at the Cadac gas skottle braai but it doesn’t look like you have much control over the temperature that it cooks the food.

I bought the George Forman Healthy griller took it out the box and decided oh no not for me packed it back in the box and I’m returning it tomorrow.

I really need good advice.